02.1 - architectural 建築設計 1

boat houses 1 + 2

@230 sqm. (per boat) / residential + party


Conceptual design for boat house with an option of amalgamation of a residential boat house unit and a party function unit. Form evolves from a piece of planar surface with shapes of floor layouts and circulation die-cut and pull up at an angle forming various platforms to provide internal space.











shantou university new library

26,500 sqm. / library / shantou, china

(collaboration with +ray chen international)


The development includes a 3-storey library building covers an area of 265 thousand square feet and features 1,500 seats in reading area and a single storey plant room.  Equipped with language study room, reading room, lecture hall, conference room, seminar room, bookstore, coffee shop and activity room, the new library provides comfortable space for reading, studying, book collecting and academic communication. 



kangbashi bridges

bridges / kanbashi new developed area, monogolia autonomous region, china


conceptual design for 3 iconic bridges connecting the regions in the new developed areas. forms were proposed/generated from representative mongolian characters namely: horse, mongolian yurt & drilling rig.